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Deb Miller was born in Dallas and grew up in Mesquite, Texas - the rodeo capital - so it is no wonder why most of her art is about cowboy, rodeo and anything western. Having lived in Texas all of her life and being raised in a cattle producing family, she feels a huge connection with "The West." Seventh generation Texan, Deb has been painting since she was eight. "It feels like a natural part of my being" — add a little life experience and voilà - you have art.


With a degree from the Art Institute of Dallas, Deb has worked in the commercial art realm for many years, though never losing her passion for fine art work. She has studied under a variety of masters and is continuing to perfect her style and process. So proud of being from the Lone Star State, Deb had "Native Texan" tattooed on her neck. She is married to artist Chuck Miller and they reside in Corsicana, TX.


Deb creates landscapes using the name Ann Ponder.

Art Makes Me Sane


"My focus and sanity is all about creating art." Several years ago, I realized that everything I look at I am sizing up for how it would come out on
canvas or paper — noticing the land, people, moments and the details. It is the lines, colors, textures, angles, shades and the emotion that I strive
to get from my head onto canvas or paper.


I like portraying strength and power. Although I will find myself working in a particular theme for a time, it seems these themes push me along on the journey of being an artist. Creativity takes over and steers me in new and unexpected directions. I like working out new techniques and solving specific problems and am not afraid to wipe the paint off of a canvas if it is not working right. Striving in every piece to achieve the visual balance of color and energy — sometimes color is energy – sometimes it’s the line work that creates the movement and the power. I am an optimist. "I like to be proactive, not reactive" and think that is why the energy of drawing works well for me. All of my paintings have a firm drawing base to them.


I don’t struggle with the concept of being an  artist. I try to perfect the creativity — the process of painting — the final work of art.

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